Green Shipping is our passion

Climate neutral, environmentally friendly transport across the oceans - this goal drives us forward. LNG is an important component in achieving this goal. That’s why LNG as a maritime fuel is the core of our business.

Our vision

The sustainable, climate-neutral and holistic, environmentally friendly operation of seagoing vessels.

Our mission

The short-term establishment of fossil LNG, and mid-term also synthetic LNG, as maritime fuel.

Our philosophy

We sit in the same boat with our partners and together, we strive to achieve our common goal.


Christian P. Hoepfner

"With LNG, we drastically reduce pollutant emissions, significantly improve air quality and pave the way for climate neutrality."


About Wessels Marine

Wessels Marine GmbH is a consulting and project development company for the use of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) as maritime fuel. Our range of services covers technical, operational and commercial topics for the use of LNG and serves shipping companies, companies in the shipbuilding supply industry and LNG providers.

LNG Conversion: project "Wes Amelie"