Climate and environmental protection requires new approaches, new ways that not only fulfil short-term regulations, but will also make a sustainable contribution to climate neutrality in maritime shipping. LNG as an alternative to oil-based marine fuels is a sustainable solution.

Wessels Marine is your partner for LNG for maritime fuel.

LNG – a sustainable, clean alternative

LNG stands for "Liquified Natural Gas". As a fuel for seagoing ships, LNG has many advantages, including the considerable reduction of pollutant emissions. At the same time, LNG technology offers access to climate neutrality.

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LNG – also stands for CO2 reduction

The advantages of LNG over conventional shipping fuels (heavy fuel oil, gas and diesel oils) are not only significantly lower air pollutant emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and soot particles. At the same time, LNG paves the way to climate neutrality.

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Our know-how simplifies the complicated

LNG as a fuel requires a commercial, operational and technical reformation of bunker management. Wessels Marine has been a pioneer in those disciplines. We clarify, support decision-making processes and accompany project implementation.

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LNG Conversion: Project "Wes Amelie"

We burn for the future

We can only avoid greenhouse gas emissions by using non-fossil energy sources. The use of synthetic LNG produced from renewable energies as a substitute for fossil LNG paves the way for climate-neutral transport across the oceans.
Investments in LNG technologies and facilities, whether in the form of maritime propulsion concepts on seagoing vessels or LNG infrastructure measures, are therefore sustainable investments.

Power-to-Gas technologies and applications are an elementary component for CO2 neutrality in the transport sector, regardless of the mode of transport.

We burn for LNG

Wessels Marine advises and supports you in all facets surrounding LNG and is at your side with your projects. In addition, we develop the "green" LNG coaster for Europe's short-sea traffic and participate in the expansion of the LNG bunker infrastructure. We are also active in several LNG initiatives.


We develop LNG projects in close collaboration with you, consult with you on all aspects of LNG and assist you with technical, operational and commercial issues.



We have developed the "green" LNG coaster for Europe's short-sea traffic and are participating in the expansion of the LNG bunker infrastructure.



We support the establishment of LNG as a maritime fuel and participate in innovative initiatives.  As a member of the Council of Experts of the Maritime LNG Plattform, we are actively contributing to the mission of this non-profit organisation.